Women Wear Saree

The saree can be anywhere between four to nine metres in length. It is vastly popular and largely worn in India, Bangladesh, Sri- Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia and even Pakistan. The saree is worn over a petticoat as it is usually a thin draping material and a blouse worn over the top body. The sarees gradually became synonymous with the culture and today it is an epitome of Indian culture.Racing against time, the culture of wearing sarees has not only survived the testing times but over a period of time they also came to be weaved in their respective countries. They have survived by evolving new styles of draping and has today a large following amongst the young enthusiasts.  It is a part of these cultures that traditionally dictates the women to adorn a saree.

Rani Mukherjee Saree

After doing a short cameo appearance for the first time in her father's Bengali film Biyer Phool (1992), Mukerji made her acting debut five years later, as the protagonist of Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat (1997). Her performance as a rape victim in the film was well received, but the film failed to do well commercially. Nevertheless, she received a Special Jury recognition at the Star Screen Awards. However, when the film failed at the box office, she returned to college to complete her education.

Katrina Kaif Black Saree

Katrina Kaif in Saree looks great. Here is a collection collection of over 30 great pictures of Kaitrina Kaif in Saree in various styles and colors. Katrina’s favorite Saree colors include Red, Black, Pink and Maroon. Katrina in Saree is a pure delight to watch. Kaif has got an individual style and she is graceful in Saree. Katrina has a great choice when it comes to Saree. She is very bold in terms of trying different outfits.  She looks amazing in bikini as well as Saree.

katrina kaif white saree

Katrina Kaif Hot in White Saree. Katrina Kaif spicy stills in white saree, Katrina Kaif latest stills, Katrina Kaif photo gallery.Katrina Kaif Hot Saree collection Katrina Kaif in Saree looks great.Katrina Kaif is a bollywood hottest actress and model. Katrina Kaif is the most searched celebrity in India in 2008 and become one of the greatest bollywood actress. Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong in 1984 on July 16. Katrina Kaif has 7 sisters & 1 brother. She is half British and half Indian. Her Family moved to Hawaii till she was about 14 years old, after that she moved to London.
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